FAQ’s – so you’d like to know more?


Ranesys ISBAR Patient Handover is a Mobile and Desktop App that has been developed to make hospital consultant handover and monitoring a simplified and digitized process. The app increases consultant handover compliance between teams to 100%. The service also provides a compliant and secure staff tasking and messaging system that incorporates patient records.

Can I use it on my mobile device?

The App works on all Android and Apple IOS (iPhone, iPad etc) platforms. Simply follow the instructions to download the App to your handset, pad or tablet.

What compliance standards does it adhere to?

The App ensures your clinical risk recording during handovers is kept in compliance with international standards. It allows you an easy and safe way to control, monitor and record handover of your patients. Standards used include ISBAR, the international method for clinical communication, the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) and in Obstetrics & Gynecology the Irish Maternity Early Warning System (I-MEWS). We are also HIPAA Compliant, with all data secured using current best ISO practice.

Why use Ranesys ISBAR Patient Handover

Ranesys ISBAR Patient Handover is designed specifically to make messaging and in hospital communication more contextual. The App improves immediacy, transparency, communication and crucially tasking in your Clinical team handovers; by bringing the utility of mobile apps to flatten clinical information flow and increase  compliance.


For further questions or user support please email support@ranesys.com